Meet our Board, Staff, & Committee Members

We are pleased to introduce you to our esteemed Board of Trustees, dedicated staff, and engaged standing committee members, that are helping impact and improve lives in Cleveland, Israel, and 70 countries around the globe, each and every day. If you need to connect with someone but can’t find their information here, please call our main phone line at: 216-593-2900 or send an email to . Todah!

Board of Trustees

Executive Officers

J. David Heller

J. David Heller
Board Chair

Beth Wain Brandon

Beth Wain Brandon
Vice Chair

Lynne M. Cohen

Lynne M. Cohen
Vice Chair

James A. Ratner

James A. Ratner
Vice Chair

Neil R. Waxman

Neil R. Waxman
Vice Chair

Daniel N. Zelman

Daniel N. Zelman
Vice Chair

Dara G. Yanowitz

Dara G. Yanowitz

Jeffrey Weiss

Jeffrey Weiss
Associate Treasurer

Executive Committee

Eric E. Bell • Reneé Chelm* • Grant N. Dinner • Barry S. Feldman • Margaret Richards Frankel • Robert Goldberg* • Gary L. Gross*
Harley I. Gross* • William H. Heller* • Michelle Hirsh • Stephen H. Hoffman* • Ilana I. Katz • Susan D. Krantz • Karen Krause • Gregg A. Levine
Morton L. Mandel* z"l • Peter Meisel • Cameron Orlean • Dan A. Polster • Albert B. Ratner* • Charles A. Horowitz Ratner*
Beth Rosenberg • Enid Rosenberg • Barbara Rosskamm • Bradley A. Sherman • Michael D. Siegal* • Erica G. Starrfield
Sally H. Wertheim* • Danielle Wild • Timothy F. Wuliger* • Andrew Zelman


Trish Adler • Jules Belkin • Eric E. Bell • Jordan D. Berkowitz • Patti B. Berns • Barnett N. Bookatz • Susan R. Borison • Rabbi Naphtali Burnstein
Rabbi Jonathan Cohen • Mindy Davidson • Jeffrey S. Davis • Reuven D. Dessler • Cindy Duber • Amy Einhorn
Adam H. Gimbel • Shelley Gimbel • Ira S. Goffman • Larry P. Goldberg* • Alan D. Gottlieb • Roe Green • Lynn-Ann Gries • Rochelle Gross • Barry Guttman
Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim • Rebecca C. Heller • Evan Hirsch • Shoshana Dessler Jacobs • Edna Jaffa • Justin Kadis • Jeffrey M. Kahn
Michele Kaminsky • Nathan Klein • Terri Kline • Adena J. Klineman • S. Lee Kohrman* • Sharon Koppelman • Harvey Kotler
Charlotte R. Kramer* • Erica Lazzaro • Norma W. Lerner* • Eliana J. LeVine • Keith Libman • Mariely Luengo
Milton S. Maltz* • Tamar Maltz* • Barbara A. Mandel* z”l • Gregory A. Marcus • Kevin D. Margolis • Natan D. Milgrom
David P. Miller • Jared S. Miller • Amy Morgenstern • David B. Orlean • Dayna Orlean • Jeremy A. Paris • Ervin Pavlofsky • Shari S. Perlmuter
Kim M. Pesses • Marla Petti • Keith Polster • Loree E. Potash • Robert S. Reitman*
David M. Rosenberg • Betty Rosskamm* • Peter Rzepka* • Evie Safran* • Harvey Sass • Bradley J. Schlang
Mitchell Schneider • Marcy Schwartz • Gary S. Shamis • Mary Ann Shamis • Eliav Sharvit • Elisabeth W. Sherman
Scott M. Simon • Rabbi Joshua Skoff • Michal Soclof • Brian Stein • Todd Stein • Jeanne Tobin • Amy L. Wain • Rachel Weinberg • Penni Weinberg*
Stephen J. Weinberg* • Judith Weiss* • Morry Weiss* • Adam L. Wieder • Judy Willensky • Mitch Wolf
Nancy G. Wolf • Warren L. Wolfson • Jason A. Wuliger • Sandra Wuliger* • Alan E. Yanowitz • Donna Yanowitz*
Darrell A. Young • Don Zigdon • Sarah Zimmerman

President Emeritus

Stephen H. Hoffman*

Emeritus Trustees

Thomas W. Adler • George N. Aronoff • Richard Bogomolny • Leslie D. Dunn • Leonard Fuchs • Peggy Garson • Lois K. Goodman • Robert D. Gries • Susan R. Hurwitz • Marvin L. Lader • Barbara S. Rosenthal • Edwin M. Roth • Gordon H. Safran • David J. Strauss • Norman Wain • Philip Wasserstrom •

* life trustee
z"l of blessed memory

Standing Committees

As of January 1, 2020

Allocations Committee
Recommends allocation of funds from the Campaign for Jewish Needs (CFJN) that support the community's objectives for health and human services, education, national and overseas agencies. The Committee helps to ensure the effective and efficient use of funds by Federation's beneficiary agencies and surfaces systemic and agency-specific issues for community review and consideration.
Beth Wain Brandon, Chair
Susi Y. Meisel, Subcommittee on Overseas Chair
Harvey Sass, Subcommittee on Education Agencies Chair
Warren L. Wolfson, Subcommittee on Human Services Chair
Barry S. Feldman, National Agencies Liaison Team Chair

Community Planning Committee
Responsible for identifying unmet service needs and gaps in the community, facilitating a process whereby these needs are addressed, and validating the underlying community need that when agencies launch, expand or end major programmatic or capital investments.
Peter Meisel, Chair
Adam H. Gimbel, Jewish Community Housing, Inc., President

Community Relations Committee
Develops and implements Federation's public affairs agenda, both international and domestic, through advocacy, projects, and relationship-building.
Gregg A. Levine, Chair
Kerry Kertesz, Lori Wald, Vice-Chairs

Development Committee
Coordinates and oversees all Federation development activities, policies, and procedures, including endowment development, the Campaign for Jewish Needs, participatory and multi-generational family philanthropy, special campaigns (e.g. Centennial, Exodus, etc.), corporate and foundation support, and agency supplemental appeals.
Enid Rosenberg, Chair
Bradley A. Sherman, 2021 Campaign for Jewish Needs General Chair
James Goldsmith, Professional Advisory Council Chair
Michelle Hirsch, Women IN Philanthropy Chair
Cameron Orlean, Young Leadership Division Chair
Stephen J. Weinberg, Dara G. Yanowitz, Create Your Jewish Legacy Co-Chairs

Endowment Fund Committee
Created in 1955, gifts to the Endowment Fund represent a commitment to the well-being and security of the Jewish community and to the future of its health, welfare, cultural and educational services. The Endowment Fund Committee recommends grants in order to meet emergencies, to support new and innovative projects, services, studies and scholarship needs or to support other projects. Endowment Fund assets occasionally are also used in support of programs in the general community.
Grant N. Dinner, Chair
Matthew F. Kadish, Donor Advised Fund Advisory Committee Chair
Alan E. Yanowitz, Foundation Advisory Council Chair

Finance and Investment
Manages the Jewish Federation's investments.
William H. Heller, Chair

Human Resources Development Committee
Provides strategic counsel and support to the Federation on the vision, goals, resources and deliverables that will frame the work of the Federation’s Human Resources Development department based on trends and best practices in the human resources and leadership development fields for both professional staff and lay leaders. Responsible for assisting with the design and implementation of a comprehensive set of programs to respond to the human resources needs of the Federation and its system of services including: formal training programs, leadership development programs and placement coordination.
Sharon Rosenbaum, Chair
Susan R. Hurwitz, ALeRT (Agency Leadership Roundtable) Chair
Enid Rosenberg, Gries Committee Chair
Kim Pesses, Stephen J. Weinberg, Mandel Course for Advanced Leadership Co-Chairs

Marketing & Communications Committee
Provides strategic counsel and support to the Federation on various marketing and communications initiatives designed to reach and engage target audiences in Jewish Cleveland and the general community. Serves as a sounding board for new ideas and alternative approaches to supporting the organization’s growth agenda through marketing and communications, as well as serves a source for market intelligence, resource identification and relevant best practices.
Ilana Isakov Katz, Chair

Overseas Connections Committee
Develops and funds a wide range of programs and activities that strengthen Jewish Life in Cleveland, Israel, and St. Petersburg, Russia. It aims to involve Clevelanders in an international agenda to build and strengthen the worldwide Jewish community. Its cutting edge projects are developed to create sustainable change and improve Jewish life.
Lynne M. Cohen, Chair
Mark Holz, Cleveland/Beit Shean Partnership Subcommittee Chair
Barry S. Feldman, Cleveland/St. Petersburg Partnership Chair
Scott J. Spiegle, IDF Education Corps/Havat HaShomer Partnership Chair
Judge Dan A. Polster, Jordan/Cross-Border Initiative Chair
Lynne M. Cohen, Parents and Children Together (PACT) Partnership Chair
Herbert A. Wainer, STEM Education Initiative Chair

Strategic Planning Committee
Produces fundamental decisions and action steps that shape and guide the Jewish Federation of Cleveland; sets strategies to guide the Federation for the next 3-5 years; oversees the development of a plan to implement those strategies; and monitors the implementation.
Danielle Wild, Chair

Senior Staff

Erika B. Rudin-Luria

Erika B. Rudin-Luria


Oren Baratz

Oren Baratz
Senior Vice President /
External Affairs


Barry Reis

Barry Reis
Senior Vice President /
Chief Financial Officer


Tami Caplan

Tami Caplan
Senior Vice President / Mandel Leadership Excellence Center


Abbie Levin

Abigail Levin
Senior Vice President /


Rachel Lappen

Rachel Lappen
Chief Development Officer

Amy Kaplan

Amy Kaplan
Vice President/
External Affairs / Government Relations

Shelley Marcus

Shelley Milin Marcus
Asst. Vice President /
Major Gifts


Rob Berick

Rob Berick
Managing Director,
Marketing & Communications

Debbie Klein

Debbie Klein
Managing Director,
Community Relations


Ann Garson

Ann Garson
Assistant Vice President, Funds and Foundations


Melanie Halvorson

Melanie Halvorson
Managing Director,
Community Planning


Ilanit Kalir

Ilanit Gerblich Kalir
Managing Director,
International Operations


Dan Strom

Dan Strom
Chief Information Officer


Carol Wolf

Carol Wolf
Assistant Vice President, Planned Giving and Endowments