A Memorial Day Message

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Message from Stephen H. Hoffman

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Two weeks ago I was sitting in the Yom Hazikaron memorial ceremony for Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror. As I contemplated the lives lost my thoughts dwelled on the steep price that was paid for Jewish freedom and the price of young lives still lost each year in defense of Israel. And then I thought about the price of freedom that has been paid by so many to defend our way of life in America.

I began to compare the way Israelis and Americans remember all these people and the meaning of it all. We will pause this weekend for Memorial Day to honor all those whose lives were sacrificed for our freedom and the veterans who have passed on. The cost to us also has been steep and each year we are adding to it, now in the battle against terrorists.

I am one who believes America is a special place. It’s been special to us as Jews. It’s been special to all who have been born here, brought here, or chose to come here. Do we have big challenges? For sure. Is life fair for all? Not yet. Does the current political environment bring out some ugliness among us? Unfortunately too much. But we’ll deal with all of this in a democratic way where each of us will have one vote. And I think we’ll continue to struggle to make America a better place for all of us.

As we pause on Monday to remember those who died to defend our democracy, let’s also commit to honoring their ultimate commitment by how we live our lives and participate in this great democracy.

Stephen H. Hoffman

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