Happy Mother's Day, Jewish Cleveland!

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Happy Mother's Day, Cleveland! We asked Federation professionals to share their favorite part about being a mom, and why they love their own mom!

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"This is my first official Mother’s Day  I feel like I’ve been inducted into special club and I’m honored to represent as Simon’s mommy. The best part of being a mom is hearing the laughter of a little person who thinks I am the funniest human around! Oh, and the cuddling." – Leah T.

"Being a mom is the best! There are so many wonderful things I could share but for me, the feeling of his little arms hugging my neck when I pick him up from his crib can’t be topped! Many people have asked if I’m looking forward to my first Mother’s Day. The answer, of course, is 'yes!' but the truth is that this is my second Mother’s Day. My son, Micah was born last Mother’s Day and so for me, this holiday will always have a double meaning and a special place in my heart." – Leah M.

"If you can define pure love – it would be a mother’s love for her children, and as Mother’s Day approaches I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a mother who always thinks of her children first. I hope one day, I can be the kind of mother my mom is." – Sylvia

"When I think about my mom, I remember how much she taught me about what it takes to raise a family. Those moments of sitting in the kitchen and watching her cook breakfast or dinner, those moments when she would help me with my homework, those times when she just sat down with me and listened – those are what I have taken to heart, and those moments have made me a better father." – Steve

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Learn More: Federation, Women, Young Adults, Families