Security Guard for Pre-Schools / Synagogues


About the Security Guard for Pre-Schools / Synagogues position:

JFC Security, LLC is looking for a dedicated and caring individual to be part of a growing, community-based security team. In this role, the Security Guard will work to provide a safe environment that is secure from outside threats for all staff, students, congregants and visitors of the location to which he or she is assigned. The Security Guard is expected to anticipate potential problems and respond to disturbances, prohibited conduct, and emergencies. This position reports to the Security Guard Supervisor for JFC Security, LLC.

Essential Functions:
  1. Provides visual security presence to both internal and external constituents.
  2. Greets and admits approved guests for entry in a courteous and professional manner.
  3. Monitors cameras and access control to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited items into restricted areas.
  4. Checks purses, backpacks, and bags for prohibited items, as necessary.
  5. Enforces facility rules, with the ability to apprehend or evict violators from the premises using reasonable force, as necessary.
  6. Understands the Emergency Action Plan and evacuation procedures of the location where assigned and is able to carry out emergency procedures in an effective and efficient manner during times of distress.
  7. Works in concert with local police, fire or emergency management services, including notifying the appropriate authorities in cases of emergency such as fire, injury, sickness or presence of unauthorized persons or unusual occurrences posing risk to persons or property. Relays all information to his or her JFC Security, LLC immediate Supervisor or other JFC Security Supervisors in a timely manner.
  8. Alerts employees and visitors within the building to an emergency situation by sounding alarms, public address announcement, and/or issuing verbal commands.
  9. Complies with all training and safety requirements established by JFC Security, LLC.
  10. Supervises other JFC Security, LLC personnel when assigned.
  11. Provides security for after-hour events at the Jewish Federation Mandel Building or events sponsored by the Federation at other locations, as necessary.
  12. Completes all reports utilizing JFC Security, LLC’s computer-based reporting system recording observations, information, occurrences and surveillance activities in a suitable manner.
  13. Provides timely and accurate reporting to JFC Security, LLC Supervisors of security concerns that he or she becomes aware of.
  14. Ensures operation of security equipment by following manufacturer’s care and instructions; troubleshoots malfunctions; notifies personnel through proper channels of repairs needed; and evaluates new equipment and techniques.
  15. Remains alert and watchful during assigned duty hours.
Required Qualifications:
  1. High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. Valid OPOTA certificate or equivalent.
  3. Maintain licensure to carry a firearm in accordance with the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA).
  4. Maintain licensure to carry a firearm in accordance with the requirements of the State of Ohio’s Private Security Guard Licensing program.
  5. Must possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License with acceptable driving record.
  6. Minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in a security position where individual has been required to carry a firearm.
  7. Able to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends at varying locations as assigned.
  8. Professional demeanor and appearance.
  9. Good judgment and decision-making.
  10. Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  11. Ability to work independently while being firm, tactful and impartial in all decisions.
  12. Past supervisor experience within a law enforcement agency a plus but is not required.
  13. Ability to run, walk, stand or sit for extended or intermittent periods of time.
  14. Clear sighted – near and far – ability to see details at close range and at a distance.
  15. Auditory attention – ability to focus on a single source of sound in the presence of other distracting sounds.
  16. Safety and security – knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures and strategies to promote effective security operations for the protection of people, data, property and institutions.

If you are qualified and interested in this exceptional opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter, in a pdf format, to .

Our Benefits

  • Affordable medical and dental insurance
  • Paid vacation, holiday, and sick days
  • 403(b) plan
  • Life insurance
  • Long term disability
  • Wellness programs
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)