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Saltzman Youth Panel  


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This is a unique two-year program that educates a dedicated group of Jewish high school sophomores and juniors (who apply as freshmen and sophomores) from all denominations in the core issues of Israeli society and the geopolitical situation in Israel today. In addition, students learn, engage and work with a group of Israeli peers from Beit She’an/Emek HaMayanot, Cleveland’s sister city. The first year culminates in a 10-Day Israel exploratory mission, giving participants the opportunity to experience the realities of life in Israel.

In the second year, students will be involved in initiating, organizing and galvanizing peer involvement in educational, political or cultural activities designed to build support for the State of Israel. Students will become expert Israel engagers in order to educate others about Israel.

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The Breakdown

High School Sophomores & Juniors

$1,800 (financial aid is available)

Commit to seven Sundays (one per month) in the first year, host an Israeli teen in your home for a week, travel to Israel for a 10-day summer experience, and lead a second year project for your community.

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Saltzman Youth Panel

Saltzman Youth Panel

This program educates students within our Jewish community about the philanthropic process and responding to Jewish and general community needs. Each year, a new Saltzman Youth Panel is comprised of 40 area high school juniors and seniors from different Jewish backgrounds. They are selected through rabbi, religious school director, youth group advisor nominations and at-large applications. Together, they make decisions about allocating up to $50,000 to worthy organizations – 85% of which is awarded to programs serving the Jewish community. Through this process they learn about community decision-making, leadership, and most importantly, tzedakah.

Please read our Saltzman Youth Panel FAQs to learn important details about the Saltzman Youth Panel experience.

In 1998, Shirley Saltzman and her family established the Maurice Saltzman Youth Grant Program. To perpetuate the goals of the late Maurice Saltzman, a past president of the Jewish Federation, students annually learn about philanthropy and allocate funds for Jewish and general community needs. Saltzman grew up at the Jewish Orphan Home, now Bellefaire Jewish Children's Bureau, and became a generous philanthropist and community leader who cared deeply about educating the next generation of community leadership.

The Breakdown

High School Juniors & Seniors

No cost

Selection to the Saltzman Youth Panel is highly competitive, and participation, while very rewarding, can be demanding. Members of the Saltzman Youth Panel are expected to make their participation on the panel a priority, both for their own experience and for that of fellow panelists.

Saltzman Youth Panel Contact

Anna Novik